You can shape the new Dallas bike plan

The City of Dallas wants to know what you want as officials develop a plan for a bikeable city.

Children biking on trail in Dallas

In an ongoing effort to make Dallas a more bikeable place, the City of Dallas is seeking public input on just how to do that.

Dallas residents have from July 5 – 17, 2022 to complete an online survey and offer their insights, make requests and altogether shape the way that city planners move forward with the implementation of more bike lanes and bike-friendly space throughout the city.

Children biking on trail in Dallas

Specifically, the city seeks input from everyone with insight into how the city’s bike network can be made more useful, comfortable and safe, along with identification of any problems that may exist in the bike network that’s already in place.

The survey consists of both questions and an interactive web map that allows survey takers to pinpoint spots and draw lines on the map to suggest changes that need to be made. Insights gleaned from the survey will be used in developing a 2023 master bike plan.

“We’ll be using the responses from the survey and web map to influence the bike plan’s recommendations for an updated bicycle network in Dallas, to include key destinations and desired routes, and respond to the way people say they choose to, need to, and want to bike in the city,” says Jessica Scott, AICP, LCI, bicycle and micromobility manager for the Dallas Department of Transportation.

“We’ll also be using the responses to help identify and prioritize the first set of projects for recommended implementation. Those projects will help bring the vision of an updated bicycle network to fruition. They’ll be included in the plan too, and we’ll have them for folks to take a look at later engagement sessions,” she says.

With miles of a biking network already in place as part of the Dallas 2011 Bike Plan, the city has a great deal of work ahead in implementation of a city-wide bike-friendly network that will allow those who need or choose to use the eco-friendly form of transportation.

For the new master plan, city planners want to identify a list of destinations and connections to set as a priority in expanding the bike network, along with so-called quick wins — easily implemented improvements that can made right away.

The master plan will focus on changes that can be made within the next several years.