Dr. Kenneth Cooper to speak at Dallas wellness event for seniors

Pioneer in the science of preventative medicine to speak at senior health event.

Photo of Dr. Cooper and Dr. Tyler Cooper

Dr. Kenneth Cooper of the Cooper Institute in Dallas will speak at a senior health and wellness event for residents 50 years old and older.

Set for 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on July 21, 2022 at the H Building at Lake Highlands High School located at 10200 White Rock Trail in Dallas, Texas, the event will inform attendees on a variety of health and wellness topics and present resources available for seniors.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper will give a presentation on staying healthy while we age. Cooper is a medical doctor and founder of the Dallas-based Cooper Institute. During his decades as a physician, Cooper has prescribed better eating and better fitness for people as they age and is a pioneer of the modern advice that seniors maintain their wellbeing through physical activity. Dr. Cooper is credited with developing and promulgating the concept of aerobic exercise for reversing heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle-associated diseases. He is also a leading expert in the science of preventative medicine and popularized jogging.

Before Dr. Cooper, it was generally thought that people over 40 years of age should reduce their activity so as not to stress the heart, a notion that has been trounced by science that indicates that more exercise, not less, is what brings greater longevity. Dr. Cooper celebrated his 90th birthday in November of 2021 and is a living testimony to his own message.

Photo of Dr. Cooper and Dr. Tyler Cooper
Dr. Kenneth Cooper and Dr. Tyler Cooper of the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. Photo from Cooper Institute brochure.

Attendees of the health and wellness event will have a chance to learn about resources available in the area from vendor booths, and Dallas County Health and Human Services will offer COVID-19 vaccinations and mosquito repellent. Those who receive a vaccination will be given a $25 gift card.

Attendees may also learn about Medicare and Medicaid, and representatives from local hospitals will provide information on locally available services.

There will also be a raffle for free gas cards. Fruit and vegetable snacks, cooling towels and personal care bags will be given out.

The event is free and open to the public. The Dallas Police Department and the Lake Highlands Public Improvement District are coordinating the event.